The Florida LTAP Center in partnership with the Florida Pavement Preservation Council presents the “Pavement Preservation Wednesday” Webinar Series.

Florida Pavement Preservation Council

Join us for an insightful webinar focusing on the transition from reactive to proactive pavement management by leveraging innovative technology. This session will provide a deep dive into how Lynn Haven, FL, has utilized advanced tools to move towards a proactive pavement management plan, ensuring their road network’s longevity and optimal performance.

Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of proactive pavement management and the critical role of real-time data in achieving this. The webinar will emphasize the importance of timely interventions and the use of industry-leading pavement preservation techniques to maintain and enhance pavement integrity.

Christopher Lightfoot, the Public Works Director of Lynn Haven, FL, will co-present to share practical insights and real-world examples from Lynn Haven’s journey.

Attendees will leave with actionable insights and best practices for leveraging innovative technology to improve pavement preservation strategies, extend pavement lifespan, and enhance overall road network performance. This webinar will empower professionals with the skills to make informed decisions and implement proactive pavement management effectively.

The training will cover:

  • The significant advantages of adopting a proactive approach over reactive pavement management.
  • Detailed steps Lynn Haven took to implement and effectively utilize real-time data.
  • How advanced reporting and technology have transformed decision-making processes and visibility in Lynn Haven.
  • Real-time pavement evaluations and deterioration modeling to identify key indicators for timely interventions.

This webinar is provided at no cost and will award a certificate of training listing the Professional Development Hours (PDHs) or a certificate of completion verifying your attendance. Certificates will be awarded only for fully attending and completing this webinar. A total of 1.5 PDHs can be earned.

Please note – space for this webinar is limited, and Florida local agencies are being given first priority!

Panelist Bios:

Candler McCollum is the CEO and co-founder of Roadway Management Technologies (RMT), a real-time pavement performance analytics company. Candler’s extensive experience in crowdsource technology and his passion for problem-solving led him to develop a revolutionary artificial intelligence and machine learning platform dedicated to road preservation and budget efficiency. Prior to founding RMT, Candler was a Project Manager and Head of the Survey Division at Navico (Goldman Sachs and Altor). There, he managed the Insight Genesis crowdsource data platform, developed and launched the Precision Contour HD product line, and led the cartography R&D team. As the CEO of RMT, Candler is responsible for the high-level business development roadmap, identifying and vetting partnership opportunities, managing public relations, and developing relationships with new and existing clients. He also leads the marketing and sales teams and initiatives, coordinates shared data programs between clients, and oversees new product development and sourcing. Candler holds a Bachelor of Business Management from the Lowder Business School at Auburn University. His leadership and innovative vision continue to drive RMT’s success in transforming pavement management through advanced technology.

Chris Lightfoot is the Director of Public Works for Lynn Haven, FL, a role he has excelled in since September 2020. Previously, he served as the Utilities Director in Panama City, FL. Chris is an experienced municipal executive with a robust background in local government operations, including water treatment, stormwater systems, sanitation, fleet management, and street maintenance. His leadership has been critical in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of public works services, demonstrating exceptional skills in problem-solving and operational management. Chris’s contributions have significantly improved infrastructure and public service quality in the communities he serves.

Chris EversChris Evers is the Executive Coordinator from the Florida Pavement Preservation Council in addition to his role with Pavement Technology Inc., a company he joined in 2012. Chris was instrumental in the founding of the Florida Pavement Preservation Council in 2010. Chris has over 26 years of experience in the heavy highway construction industry. Chris has been involved in all facets of heavy highway educational efforts. He is the Past President of the American Public Works Association Florida Chapter. His involvement in the Florida Chapter has spanned a multitude of Committee Chairs, Task Forces and Officer Positions. In 2012 he founded the Public Works Director Roundtable and he also moderates the International PWD Roundtable at PWX. He has been an active speaker for APWA, FACERS, ASCE, ASHE, ARRA, Florida T2 Center, and the Florida Airports Council. Chris was recently honored by APWA as a Top Ten Award recipient for 2023. A faithful disciple of Pavement Preservation, he will be our moderator.

The Highway to Haven: Proactive Pavement Management from Winter Haven to Lynn Haven

DATE: Wednesday, July 10, 2024
TIME: 2:00 to 3:30 PM (ET)