In this webinar on The ACES Trajectory – Florida and Beyond, attendees will gain important insights about advanced mobility solutions in the State of Florida. You’ll learn about ACES’ connection to Florida’s 2030 Blueprint, key technology trends both within and outside of Florida, the impact of cross-sector collaboration, future considerations to support your work, and more. We look forward to having you join us!


What is ACES?

  • Automated vehicles are self-driving or driverless vehicles that operate with little or no human intervention.
  • Connected vehicles are equipped with technology that allows them to communicate with other vehicles, infrastructure, other road users, and devices, enabling real-time data sharing and coordinated decision-making.
  • Electric vehicles are powered by electricity stored in batteries, rather than gasoline or diesel fuel, resulting in reduced emissions and improved environmental sustainability.
  • Shared vehicles are vehicles that are owned, maintained, and used by multiple users, rather than being owned by a single individual or organization. This can include car-sharing services, ride-sharing services, and other forms of shared mobility.

This webinar is provided at no cost and will award a certificate to those fully attending and completing the webinar. Professional Development Hours will be provided to those that request these during registration. A total of 1.5 PDHs can be earned for fully attending the webinar.


Beth Kigel is a global thought-leader in new mobility and smart city ecosystems and is responsible for assisting transportation agencies, cities and regions in developing smart and connected infrastructure solutions.

Previously, Beth served as Florida Transportation Commissioner from 2012-2019. She also served as president and CEO of the Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce covering a 10-municipality region with 850 member organizations. Under her leadership, the Chamber took on key strategic initiatives and programs contributing to improved economic prosperity in the region. Prior to this role, Kigel served in various private sector leadership positions, within engineering and other firms, in areas such as finance, business development, and quality assurance, to government relations.

Beth is active on numerous appointed boards and industry associations, including ITS World Congress Board of Directors; Chair, Autonomous Florida; Chair, ITS America Emerging Technologies Committee; Vice Chair of Florida Polytechnic University Board of Trustees; University of Florida Transportation Institute External Board of Advisors; Freight Mobility Research Institute Advisory Board for Florida Atlantic University; Florida Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors; MobilityXX Steering Committee; Leadership Florida where she served as Chair, Board of Directors 2017-2018; and more. She received the 2018 Leadership and Innovation Award, presented at the Florida Automated Vehicle Summit.

The ACES Trajectory - Florida and Beyond

DATE: Thursday, March 16, 2023
TIME: 2:00 – 3:30PM (ET)