Strategic leadership is the ability to influence others to voluntarily make decisions that enhance the prospects for the organization’s long-term success while maintaining short-term financial stability. Different leadership approaches impact the vision and direction of growth and the potential success of an organization. To successfully deal with change, all executives need the skills and tools for strategy formulation and implementation. Managing change and ambiguity requires strategic leaders who can provide a sense of direction and build ownership and alignment within their workgroups to implement change.

Broadening and strengthening the team at the senior levels of the organization begins with an objective assessment of whether there is a working strategy currently in place and, if there is, the state of understanding and ownership for it in the organization.


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The lack of clarity and ownership deeper in the organization leads to 1) misallocated resources because people are working at cross purposes; 2) excessive leadership time spent correcting and clarifying the direction because others are not convinced, or they fail to understand it; and 3) poor execution of the strategy due to diffuse and differing priorities. Perhaps most importantly, it directly impacts organizational agility because there is no broad understanding and agreement on the current strategy, so subsequent changes to strategy make no more sense than the original agenda.

Come and join us to hear from our panelists on how to use strategic leadership to cultivate strategy, culture, change, and values that moves any organization forward. Effective strategy processes move the “we/they” line down in the organization so that more people use the word “we” and take ownership of making things happen and making things better. Good strategic leadership practices – with the right balance of the analytic dimension and the human dimension and the discipline and commitment to see the process through during strategy formulation and implementation – can be a strong driver to take the “we/they” line much deeper into the organization. A deep “we” line produces winning strategies because those in the “we” are much more willing and able to meet the demands of perpetual change.


◾ Sandy Benz, Florida, Leadership and Team Coach, Benz Team Solutions, FL
◾ Jonathan Gano, Director of Public Works, City of Des Moines, IA
◾ Dr. Keith Clinkscale, Director of Strategic Planning and Performance Management, Palm Beach County
◾ Addie Javed, APWA FL Leadership & Management Committee Chair and Development Manager, The Kercher Group, A Mott MacDonald Company


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Strategic Leadership – Strategy, Culture, Change, and Values Roundtable