Specification Package Preparation Training Registration

Please complete the form belong to register for one of the upcoming virtual trainings.

The August training is full. The last training for 2024 will take place on October 9th.

All trainings will take place in Microsoft Teams.

Enter NA if you are not a P.E.
The Engineer of Record (EOR) responsible for signing and sealing the Specifications Package must take the full day course and pass the assignment prior to signing and sealing any Specification Package for FDOT projects. (referenced in FDOT Procedure Specifications Package Preparation, Topic No. 630-010-005). Best practice includes an additional two persons (2 reviewers) besides the EOR receive the training. Minimum requirement is for one additional person (reviewer) to take the training.
(If you do not know your District, please check here: https://www.fdot.gov/agencyresources/districts/index.shtm)