Adapting public transportation systems to cope with rising seas, flood waters, and other climate impacts cannot be achieved through a single, universal solution. Transportation agencies are engaged in deliberations on how to strike a balance between preparing for flood impacts and addressing crucial concerns such as traffic reduction, emission reduction, and accessibility. These efforts encounter various institutional challenges that need to be addressed.

The question of institutional challenges involves identifying and overcoming the barriers that arise due to different governing bodies, regulations, and policies involved in transportation planning. Additionally, securing adequate funding and support from relevant authorities is often a significant hurdle in implementing climate-resilient transportation measures.

Addressing the challenges of adapting transportation systems to climate impacts requires a multifaceted approach considering the interplay of land use and transportation priorities. Collaborative efforts and thoughtful planning are vital in developing resilient transportation systems for the future.

APWA Florida

Join us for an interactive and informative discussion with the Florida Department of Transportation District 7 Secretary, David Gwynn, and his team. You will have the opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional who has practical experience in crafting and managing strategic transportation initiatives.

The Florida LTAP Center is pleased to partner with the American Public Works Association (APWA) Florida Chapter to bring you this webinar.


◾ David Gwynn, P.E., District Seven Secretary, Florida Department of Transportation
◾ Jennifer Z. Carver, AICP, Statewide Resilience Planning Coordinator, FDOT
◾ Jennifer Green, P.E., CPM, State Drainage Engineer, FDOT
◾ Addie Javed, APWA FL Leadership & Management Committee Chair and Vice President, Epic Engineering and Consulting Group


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Resilient Infrastructure and Transportation Initiatives