This recorded webinar on Pavement Preservation will provide viewers with new insight on how to manage their pavements as long-term investments. It covers pavement management concepts, introductions to specific treatments and why utilizing these treatments can be the single best strategy to increase the number of miles treated without increased funding.

New tools are introduced for agency staff and elected officials struggling to successfully address the needs of their road network. The benefits of preservation treatments are briefly discussed to demonstrate that when pro-actively applied to sound pavements, improved pavement performance, longer pavement life and increased customer satisfaction result. The recorded webinar concludes with a 30-minute round-table discussion with the hosts on their experience with pavement preservation, how it’s funded, what challenges they faced, and their policy on encouraging the use of pavement preservation. 


This recorded webinar is brought to you by the Florida Pavement Preservation Council (FPPC) in concert with the Florida LTAP Center. FPPC is a non-profit organization organized in 2010 under the National Center for Pavement Preservation at Michigan State University. FPPC’s purpose is to support Pavement Preservation and asset management education and outreach to local agencies across Florida

Instructor Bios:

Chris Evers helped found the Florida Pavement Preservation Council in 2010, and is currently the Executive Coordinator for FPPC, in addition to his role with Pavement Technology Inc. In 2012 he founded the Public Works Director Roundtable and also moderates the International PWD Roundtable at PWX. He is the Past President of the American Public Works Association Florida Chapter, and he brings to the table over 24 years of experience in the heavy highway construction industry.

Lorraine Moyle has been with the Florida Department of Transportation for 8 years and has been the manager of the Local Programs Office for the past 6 years where she oversees statewide program administration and policy development for various federal and state funded grant programs specific to local public agencies.

Steve Deppmeier is new to the Federal Highway Administration’s Florida Division office but has been with the agency since 2001. He spent the majority of his career in FHWA’s Federal Lands Highway Division offices, working with the pavement preservation programs, the pavement management systems, and pavement & materials designs for road projects inside the National Parks and Wildlife Refuges. Steve is a licensed engineer in the State of Colorado.

Marc MacLean has been the Engineering Supervisor with the Bay County Public Works Engineering Department since 2016. Prior to that, he spent 4 years as Project Manager of the Airfield Damage Repair pavements research team for the Air Force Civil Engineering Center at Tyndall Air Force Base. He currently oversees all pavement design and pavement asset management for Bay County, and also helped implement Bay County’s first Pavement Preservation program in 2018.


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Pavement Preservation – A Federal, State, and Local Perspective