Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace is a standard and a management practice that specifies requirements for a systematic approach to develop and sustain a psychologically healthy and safe workplace. Mental Health is a significant consideration across workplaces. In the post-COVID era, organizational leaders are expected to influence a positive culture shift and normalize mental health in the workplace.

According to the American Psychological Association (APA) America’s mental health is in crisis. Close to two-thirds of adults (63%) said their life has been forever changed by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to APA’s 2022 Stress in America poll. Many reported worse mental health, lower physical activity, disturbed sleep, and increased reliance on unhealthy habits. All of which have an impact on employees’ health and well-being, the workplace environment, and productivity.

Basic care for employees’ psychological well-being is the fundamental expectation for today’s competitive and successful organizations. Equipping workers to manage daily stress and handle the inevitable challenges that affect their mental health costs money, time, and energy. But evidence shows that the cost of failing to support employees’ psychological well-being is often far higher. By taking strong actions that support employee mental health, employers can facilitate a cultural shift that accepts and elevates help-seeking and other affirmative behaviors. Research shows that these essential programs and policies are vital to these efforts.

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Managing organizational culture and ambiguity requires strategic leaders who not only provide a sense of direction but who can also build ownership and alignment within their workgroups to implement a safer workplace. As a follow up to past discussion a few months ago, come and join us to hear from our panelists on how to improve and make your workplace (both in office and virtual settings) more psychologically safer that moves any organization forward.

The Florida LTAP Center is pleased to partner with the American Public Works Association (APWA) Florida Chapter to bring you this webinar.


◾ Marcela C. Millett, Strategic Planning & Performance Management Division, Palm Beach County, FL
◾ Matt Rauch, LMHC, Director of Outpatient Services, Phoenix Programs of Florida, Inc.
◾ Addie Javed, APWA FL Leadership & Management Committee Chair and Vice President, Epic Engineering and Consulting Group


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Mental Health and Psychological Safety in the Workplace – A Virtual Roundtable