This course takes the attendee on a deep dive into hot and cold in-place recycling strategies. We will focus on the various types of both in-place recycling techniques as well as the proper selection of candidates, mix design and materials considerations. Panelists will discuss the proper selection criteria and highlight success stories from around the country. There will be a Q&A for each section.

☑ Learning Objective 1: Introduce the hot in-place recycling processes and the differences between them.

☑ Learning Objective 2: Review materials and mix design considerations in addition to QC/QA for hot in-place recycling.

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☑ Learning Objective 3: Introduce the cold in-place recycling processes and the differences between them.

☑ Learning Objective 4: Review materials and mix design considerations in addition to QC/QA for cold in-place recycling.

☑ Learning Objective 5: Define and review specific criteria for selecting candidates for hot and cold in-place recycling and highlight success stories from agencies for both processes

☑ Learning Objective 6: Analyze mix design and materials considerations for in-place recycling processes. Introduce future developments in these processes.

This recorded webinar is brought to you by the Florida Pavement Preservation Council (FPPC) in concert with the Florida LTAP Center. FPPC is a non-profit organization organized in 2010 under the National Center for Pavement Preservation at Michigan State University. FPPC’s purpose is to support Pavement Preservation and asset management education and outreach to local agencies across Florida


Instructor Bios:

Chris EversChris Evers is the Executive Coordinator from the Florida Pavement Preservation Council in addition to his role with Pavement Technology Inc., a company he joined in 2012.  Chris was instrumental in the founding of the Florida Pavement Preservation Council in 2010. Chris has over 23 years of experience in the heavy highway construction industry. Chris has been involved in all facets of heavy highway educational efforts. He is the Past President of the American Public Works Association Florida Chapter. His involvement in the Florida Chapter has spanned a multitude of Committee Chairs, Task Forces and Officer Positions. In 2012 he founded the Public Works Director Roundtable and he also moderates the International PWD Roundtable at PWX. He has been an active speaker for APWA, FACERS, ASCE, ASHE, ARRA, Florida T2 Center, and the Florida Airports Council.  A faithful disciple of Pavement Preservation he will be handling the introduction to both FPPC and Pavement Preservation in general.

Larry GalehouseLarry Galehouse, P.E., P.S. is a Local Agency Coordinator and was the founding Director of the National Center for Pavement Preservation (NCPP), located at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan.   The NCPP is home to the AASHTO Transportation System Preservation -Technical Services Program (TSP·2), for both pavement and bridge preservation, and the home of the AASHTO Equipment Management Technical Services Program.  Mr. Galehouse is a licensed Professional Engineer and Professional Surveyor in Michigan and was the past chair of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Committee on Pavement Preservation and the Committee on Pavement Maintenance.  In addition, he serves on many other committees and tasks groups dealing with preservation issues.

Pat Kennedy retired in August 2020 after 28 years working for Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure as engineering manager for the Office of Asset Management. This office is responsible for the inventory, assessment and planning for capital maintenance activities of over $10B dollars of public right-of-way transportation assets. Pat graduated from the Denver campus of the University of Colorado in 1982 with a BSCE and obtained his professional engineer’s license in 1987. Pat is past chair of the steering committees for the Metropolitan Government Pavement Engineer’s Council (MGPEC) in the Denver metro area and the Rocky Mountain West Pavement Preservation Partnership (RMWPPP).

Dr. Steve Cross serves as the Technical Director for the Asphalt Recycling & Reclaiming Association (ARRA), serving as a point of contact for technical information on each of ARRA’s core disciplines including cold planing, hot in-place recycling, cold recycling and full depth reclamation. He is a co-author of ARRA’s Basic Asphalt Recycling Manual. Dr. Cross is an Emeritus Professor in the School of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Oklahoma State University where he is a lecturer and researcher in design and construction of transportation facilities with a major emphasis on in-place pavement recycling, pavement mix design and construction.

Jason Wielinski is the Director of Construction Materials Research, at the Heritage Research Group. He and the team have worked with numerous agencies across the Midwest to help them develop and construct pavement recycling and preservation projects on their pavement networks Prior to joining Heritage, Jason was a quality control engineer with Granite Construction Company in Reno, Nevada. Professionally, he currently serves on the Board of Directors within the Asphalt Recycling and Reclaiming Association and a member of the Asphalt Institute’s Technical Advisory Committee. He has a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Toledo and a MS in Civil Engineering degree from Auburn University, where he studied at the National Center for Asphalt Technology. Jason is a professional engineer registered in the state of Indiana.


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In-Place Recycling, Hot and Cold

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