Wouldn’t you agree that a crossing guard’s presence makes walking and biking to school more feasible and safer for students?

Florida is a leader among states in developing its crossing guard uniform training guidelines and administering the Florida Department of Transportation’s legacy train-the-trainer program. Local crossing guard agency programs in Florida are some of the best in the nation.

Statewide guidelines and training requirements for crossing guards create safer school crossings for walkers and bicyclists. This in turn stimulates walking/biking in communities; transportation, in general, becomes more accessible to a broader range of individuals, and the entire community is enhanced. Crossing guard programs are a part of a pedestrian-friendly community.

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This presentation will answer the following questions:

1 – What is the Florida School Crossing Guard Training Program?
2 – How did the program come about?
3 – How does it improve safe transportation for our most vulnerable road users?

As a bonus, results from the 2020 Florida School Crossing Guard Industry Survey will be presented.

The Florida LTAP Center is pleased to partner with the FDOT to bring you this recorded webinar on “The Florida School Crossing Guard Training Program – Improving Safe Transportation for Our Most Vulnerable Road Users.”

Instructor Bio:

Photo of Dana CrosbyDana Crosby has worked as a consultant with the Florida Department of Transportation as the state program administrator for the Florida School Crossing Guard Training Program for the past seven years. She has worked for many more years for the educational interests of our children and grown-ups teaching middle school and adult students alike. She is a safety advocate with a passion for keeping our youngest and oldest pedestrians safe. Dana holds a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of West Florida and undergraduate degrees from the University of Arizona.


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Florida School Crossing Guard Training Program

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