National Work Zone Awareness Week (NWZAW) is an annual spring campaign held to encourage safe driving through highway work zones. This webinar, presented by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) in partnership with the Florida LTAP Center, aims to shed light on the importance of safe work zones for all users, especially during this annual campaign.

In this session, we will present crash statistics to illustrate work zone crash trends, as well as offer insights from design, construction, and law enforcement perspectives. We will discuss why NWZAW matters and how it serves as a reminder for designers and contractors of the importance of safety in these areas. We will also reflect on the “Moment of Silence” which honors those who have lost their lives in work zones. The training will include a recap of 2024 events and key takeaways. Finally, we will end the session with a call to action for all attendees, providing them with tangible strategies and resources to make a difference and improve safety in work zones.

From understanding crash trends to implementing effective safety measures, this session will arm attendees with the knowledge and tools needed to effect positive change. Join us for this important discussion on how we can all work together to make our highways safer and work together towards Florida’s target of zero fatalities and serious injuries.


By attending this training, attendees will

  • Gain insight into work zone crash trends through the presentation of relevant data, enabling attendees to understand the scope and nature of work zone crashes.
  • Explore both successes and challenges in enhancing safety within work zones, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the factors influencing work zone safety.
  • Receive actionable strategies to make a tangible difference in improving safety within work zones, fostering a culture of responsibility and proactive engagement among

▪️Emmeth Duran, PE, RSP2I – FDOT D7 Traffic Safety Program Engineer
▪️Conrad Campbell, PE – FDOT D7 District Construction Engineer
▪️Olivia Townsend, PE – FDOT CO State Construction Specialty Engineer
▪️Sgt. Michael White – Tampa Police Department
▪️Lynn Decker, PE, RSP1 – ELEMENT Engineering Group (Moderator)


To earn Professional Development Hours (PDHs) or a Certificate of Completion for each recorded webinar, you must view the entire webinar. The Florida LTAP Center will follow-up within 2-3 weeks.

This webinar will award 1.0 PDH.

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Empowering Safety – FDOT’s Work Zone Safety Awareness Week Call to Action


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