Every day, 30 people die on the nation’s rural roads as a result of a roadway departure. This includes one or two people in Florida. The Every Day Counts (EDC) initiative to Focus on Reducing Rural Roadway Departures (FoRRRwD) is aimed at reducing these numbers.

There are four pillars of this initiative:

  1. All Public Roads – It is estimated that approximately half of the fatalities occur on roads not maintained by the state DOT.
  2. Systemic Approach – Roadway departure crashes are not typically concentrated so looking for crash frequency may not be the best approach.
  3. Proven Countermeasures – We have countermeasures that we know work to reduce roadway departures.
  4. Safety Action Plans – Developing a plan at the state, regional, or local level can help prioritize safety improvements.

This webinar will also discuss the effort of addressing lane departure crashes and rural roadway safety in the Palm Beach County Local Road Safety Plan.

Instructor Bios:

Richard B (Dick) Albin, joined the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) as a Safety Engineer with the FHWA Resource Center’s Safety and Design Team in June 2008. Before joining FHWA, Dick worked for 15 years with the Washington State Department of Transportation and 6 years for the New York State Department of Transportation in a Regional office. He graduated from the University of Wyoming with a BS in Civil Engineering and is a licensed Professional Engineer in Washington State.

Dick chaired the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Roadside Safety Design Committee from 2009-2015 and is also a member of several National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) panels that oversee research on roadside safety issues. Dick is one of the leads for the Every Day Counts (EDC) initiative to Focus on Reducing Rural Roadway Departures.



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Driving FoRRRwD – A Systemic Approach to Reducing Roadway Departures

For more information on EDC-5 Innovation: Focus on Reducing Rural Roadway Departures, please click here for video introduction.