Organizations have long invested in top-down leadership training for the highest-ranking members of the team. By doing it this way, agencies traditionally miss a critical opportunity to cultivate leadership at all levels within an organization. Accepting that most individuals are tasked with leading in some capacity while simultaneously answering to the managers who outrank them, can help steer the paradigm shift.

This session will explore how to navigate the politics of leadership both when you are and aren’t the boss or manager. Come and learn about the critical skills of distinguishing between power and authority to avoid common pitfalls. Ask our industry experts about how to make your mark and be persuasive even when you are carrying out the visions and decisions of those above you. Secondly, for the aspiring managers, learn what leadership soft skills and executive mantras are likely to help get you climbing that management pyramid.

By attending this session, participants will:

✔ Learn to identify the objectives and goals that are the top priority for your organization, even when/if the manager is being unclear or the words don’t match the action.
✔ Develop skills to influence and guide decisions in an organization without hurting your position or career.
✔ Understand the power dynamics in an organization to allow you to develop a plan in getting your ideas implemented and approved.

APWA Florida


◾ Marcela C. Millett, Strategic Planning & Performance Management Division, Palm Beach County, FL
◾ Sandy Benz, Florida, Leadership and Team Coach, Benz Team Solutions, FL
◾ Matt Campbell, Business Support Manager, Development Services Administration Department, Pasco County, FL
◾ Addie Javed, APWA FL Leadership & Management Committee Chair and Development Manager, The Kercher Group, A Mott MacDonald Company


To earn Professional Development Hours (PDHs) or a Certificate of Completion for each recorded webinar, you must view the entire webinar. After viewing, please fill out the web form at the link below to request your certificate. The Florida LTAP Center will follow-up within 2-3 weeks.

This webinar will award 1.5 PDHs.

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