This webinar will provide local agencies with an Introduction to Bridge Preservation, including the many options bridge owners have with a Bridge Preservation program. This 90-minute webinar features a number of panelists that will introduce viewers to bridge preservation, and will cover bridge concrete sealers, bridge concrete patching materials, and bridge deck overlays.

This recorded webinar is brought to you by the Florida Pavement Preservation Council (FPPC) in concert with the Florida LTAP Center. FPPC is a non-profit organization organized in 2010 under the National Center for Pavement Preservation at Michigan State University. FPPC’s purpose is to support Pavement Preservation and asset management education and outreach to local agencies across Florida

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☑ Topic 1: Introduction to Bridge Preservation – Travis Kinney, PE, David Evans Associates, formerly Oregon DOT

This session provides attendees with an understanding of the difference between Bridge Maintenance and Bridge Preservation, and will emphasize the cost savings of Bridge Preservation. Appropriate Asset Management for the size of your local agency’s bridge inventory will be considered. The concept of focusing on keeping as many bridges as possible in good and fair condition in comparison to focusing on only worst bridges first will be emphasized with overall cost savings. Taking appropriate actions at the right time relative to the condition state of individual bridge elements will additionally be reviewed.

☑ Topic 2: Bridge Concrete Sealers – Tim Woolery, Sales Manager, Advanced Chemical Technology Inc.

Details on the different types and proper use of concrete sealers and the understanding of the effectiveness of each will be presented. Understanding how to properly specify the sealer you are looking for will be detailed. The value related to a bridge sealing program will be emphasized with examples of introducing/training local agencies and the expanded use of concrete sealers in many of counties throughout the US.

☑ Topic 3: Bridge Concrete Patching Materials – Brian Mintz, General Manager, Phoscrete

There is a broad range of concrete patching material available. This presentation will include an overview of the types of patching materials used for Bridge Preservation. Details on the values of each relative to projected bridge life needs will be presented, along with the importance of proper preparation, proper mixing, proper placement, and proper curing time. Examples will be shown of working with local agencies and the variability of outcomes. Consideration of total costs including materials cost, installation time, traffic control, traffic interruption, and the traveling public’s perspective of the project will also be presented.

☑ Topic 4: Bridge Deck Overlays – Greg Freeman, Sales Director, Kwik Bond Polymers

This presentation will focus on the different types and attributes of Bridge Deck Overlays for Bridge Preservation that are presently being used. A bridge deck condition state assessment and matching the right overlay type are crucial early steps to the success and efficiency of your project. As in most product applications, following the manufacturers recommendations on prep, mixing, application, and curing is vital to the success of a bridge deck overlay project as well. Examples of In-House and/or Contract forces for the installation of bridge deck overlays will be detailed and shown through pictorial examples.

Florida Pavement Preservation Council

Instructor Bios

Chris EversChris Evers is the Executive Coordinator from the Florida Pavement Preservation Council in addition to his role with Pavement Technology Inc., a company he joined in 2012.  Chris was instrumental in the founding of the Florida Pavement Preservation Council in 2010. Chris has over 23 years of experience in the heavy highway construction industry. Chris has been involved in all facets of heavy highway educational efforts. He is the Past President of the American Public Works Association Florida Chapter. His involvement in the Florida Chapter has spanned a multitude of Committee Chairs, Task Forces and Officer Positions. In 2012 he founded the Public Works Director Roundtable and he also moderates the International PWD Roundtable at PWX. He has been an active speaker for APWA, FACERS, ASCE, ASHE, ARRA, Florida T2 Center, and the Florida Airports Council.  A faithful disciple of Pavement Preservation he will be handling the introduction to both FPPC and Pavement Preservation in general.

Tim Woolery is the Vice President of Sales for Advanced Chemical Technologies, Inc. in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. ACT has been protecting the world’s infrastructure since 1976 when they began manufacturing Silane Concrete Water Repellents in Oklahoma. Tim spent 30 years in the solvent based coating business prior to coming to ACT. His background and knowledge of coatings has been very beneficial in understanding the chemistry and reactions of silanes and concrete. Tim spends his time working with Departments of Transportation nationwide in developing silane programs, assisting in writing specifications, training of maintenance personnel, and spreading the word on silanes.

Gregg Freeman is the Director of Business Development with Kwik Bond Polymers. Gregg has spent the past 30 plus years involved with the research, development and marketing of materials used in conjunction with concrete, bridges, pavements & roadway safety. Gregg currently sits on the Transportation Research Board Bridge Preservation Committee (AKT60), FHWA Bridge Preservation Expert Task Group (BPETG), he is Co-Chair of the AASHTO TSP2 National Local Agency Outreach Working Group. Gregg also serves on the ATSSA High Friction Surfacing Council.

Brian Mintz is General Manager for Phoscrete Corporation, manufacturer of Phoscrete concrete repair materials, based in Pompano Beach Florida. Brian is a voting member on the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) materials and methods committee. He has been involved with AASHTO’s TSP2 bridge preservation organization since inception in 2009. Brian is vice chair of the Southeast Bridge Preservation Partnership representing industry, and he is chair of the TSP2 national working group for ITD – Innovative Technology Demonstrations.

Travis Kinney, P.E., is a senior bridge engineer at David Evans and Associates Inc. Prior to joining David Evans and Associates Inc., Travis worked as the bridge maintenance engineer for Oregon DOT. He currently is the Co-Chair of the AASHTO TSP2 National Local Agency Outreach Working Group and previously served on the following committees; MaC bridge technical working group, TSP2 oversight panel, Chair of Bridge Deck Chloride Testing Group, PNW Bridge Maintenance Conference, ODOT and OACES Bridge Maintenance Training Instructor, and FHWA Bridge Preservation Expert Task Group. In 2017, he chaired the Western Bridge Preservation Partnership.


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An Introduction to Bridge Preservation