The April 23rd Symposium has been cancelled. We will reschedule for a future date and time. To keep up with this and other LTAP trainings, sign up for our mailing list. 


The Florida LTAP Center would like to share an important update. As many of you are aware, Governor Ron DeSantis has declared a state of emergency in response to the rapidly evolving threat of COVID-19 in Florida. In light of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) conditions, many meetings and conferences have been postponed or canceled to mitigate concerns. Due to recent developments, Florida LTAP Center will be rescheduling the Symposium to a later date and time.

Your health, wellness, and access to continuing education are always our priority. We are closely monitoring all developments and will continue to communicate these important updates as we receive them.

About the Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Best Practices Symposium

Learn the most effective and appropriate countermeasures and best practices for reducing pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities, injuries and crashes. Collaborate and exchange knowledge and experience with your peers and statewide professionals to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety.

Florida PBSSP Overview and Design Practices

  • Overview of Florida PBSSP
  • Complete Streets
  • ADA Compliance
  • FDOT Design Manual Guidance

Statewide Education Efforts

  • Ped/Bike Safety Communication, Outreach, and Education
  • Safe Routes to Schools (SRTS) Program and Practices
  • High Visibility Enforcement

Combat Ped/Bike Crashes: Strategies and Countermeasures Part 1

  • Overview of STEP Spectacular 7 Countermeasures
  • Lighting Strategies to Improve Pedestrian Safety and Walkability
  • Data Analysis Support in Ped/Bike Safety

Combat Ped/Bike Crashes: Strategies and Countermeasures Part 2

  • Preventing Left-Turn Crashes Involving Pedestrians
  • Improving Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety in Work Zones and School Zone
  • Looking forward – Considering Pedestrian and bicycle safety in a CAV environment

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Registration will be re-opened once a new date/time have been chosen. 

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