Speed Calming and Speed Management Part 2 of 2

The Florida LTAP Center presents this two-part webinar series on Speed Calming and Speed Management. This is part 2 of 2, and in this second session we will examine the Speed Management processes and information contained in the latest edition of the FDOT Design Manual. We will examine the Context Classification System and transitions between […]

Growing Talent for Tomorrow’s Future

The Florida LTAP Center is pleased to partner with the American Public Works Association (APWA) Florida Chapter to bring you this webinar. In an era of unprecedented change and evolving global dynamics, this concept of preparing individuals, organizations, and communities for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead has never been more relevant. Investing in […]

Using Pedestrian and Bicycle Level of Traffic Stress in Practice

Level of Traffic Stress (LTS) is a practically useful tool to assess the perceived comfort and safety of people walking or bicycling along a given roadway. Supporting efforts to develop safe and connected networks of transportation facilities, LTS analysis can identify streets that work well and areas in need of improvement. Moving beyond minimum design […]