2021 Update to the Focused Approach to Safety (FAS)

Since 2004, FHWA has used the FAS to identify areas of opportunity and to offer priority assistance to select Focus States toward reducing fatalities and serious injuries on the Nation’s highways. Periodically, the FAS is adjusted and updated based on current data and program evaluation. The 2021 FAS is based on the focus areas of […]

Project Bundling: Preconstruction

Delivering a bundled project depends on several factors—which project delivery method is chosen, what effort is necessary to secure environmental determination and permits, which risks the agency has responsibility for, and other factors specific to the agency. This webinar will highlight the steps to setting up a strategic bundling program as outlined in the FHWA […]

Project Bundling: Local Agency Partnering

Project bundling can happen across agencies. States may create bundled projects with local agencies and local agencies may bundle projects with other local agencies. For example, the San Francisco Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission is encouraging member agencies to bundle paving projects to expand treatment options not feasible in small quantities. This webinar will focus […]

Project Bundling: Construction and Contract Considerations

Project bundling can create some unique contract-related issues. In this webinar, we will demonstrate how you can address construction contract issues such as common specifications, common design standards, payment provisions, responsible parties, and demonstrate model contracts. We will present case studies demonstrating how all project delivery methods have been strategically used for successful bundled projects […]