Value Capture Strategies and Asset Recycling: Advancing Public Infrastructure in a Time of Funding Uncertainty

An effective way to leverage public capital in a resource-constrained environment is to fund new infrastructure via "asset recycling," whereby proceeds from the lease of existing assets are redeployed in the development of new infrastructure. Federal Highway Administration Everyday Count Fifth Round (EDC-5) Value Capture Implementation Team will host a webinar October 18th, 2023, from […]

Value Capture and Debt Financing Strategies: Tax-Exempt Debt Financing

Value capture strategies can help public agencies recover some of the value created by transportation investments to in turn reinvest, maintain, or operate that very transportation investment. Value capture can apply to highway and highway-related infrastructure, public transportation, parking garages, trails, among other transportation facilities. Value capture techniques like tax Increment financing and special assessments […]

Value Capture: Advertising, Naming Rights, & Sponsorships

FHWA will host a Value Capture virtual peer exchange on Innovative Approaches to offset operating and maintenance expenses such as advertising, naming rights, and highway sponsorships on Wednesday December 6th, 2023, from 1:00PM to 3:00PM ET. The program will include peer experts from highway and transit modes who have successfully used innovative strategies to generate […]

Value Capture Strategies Toolkit for Practitioners: An Overview

The constraints on Federal transportation funding have required State, local, and tribal governments to pay even a greater portion of their transportation investment needs. State DOTs and their local partners must find creative ways to raise new revenues to maintain the approximately 4.2 million miles of public roads, rehabilitate aging bridges, and fund new capital […]