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Please note that the webinar recording may be slightly shorter than the actual live webinar as we have removed the non-technical content not related to the training topic (i.e. Housekeeping). In addition, if YouTube videos were utilized during the live session, these have also been omitted due to copyright issues, and links have been provided for you to watch the videos directly on YouTube.

Webinar TitleInstructorOriginal Start or Air DatePDHs Available?Total Webinar or Series LengthLink
Modeling a Biofuel Supply Chain Between Urban CentersSeckin Ozkul, P.E.2023-02-15Yes1 hourRecorded Webinar Page
Career Coaching and Executive Leadership - A Follow-Up SessionMultiple (see page for details)2023-02-08Yes1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Basic Math for Roadway WorkersTodd Morrison, P.E.2023-02-07Yes6 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Addressing Liability in Safe Routes to SchoolJ. Steele Olmstead2023-01-26Yes1 hourRecorded Webinar Page
AMA (Ask Me Anything) Panel on In-Place RecyclingMultiple (see page for details)2023-01-25Yes2 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
How NOCoE Resources and Services Can Help You Improve Safety and MobilityMultiple (see page for details)2023-01-24Yes1 hourRecorded Webinar Page
Career Coaching and Executive Leadership - A Virtual Roundtable and Panel Discussion Multiple (see page for details)2023-01-11Yes1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
The Art of the Deal - Pavement PreservationMultiple (see page for details)2022-12-14Yes1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Developing a Pedestrian Safety Action Plan 2-Part SeriesJuan Morales2022-12-09Yes6 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Guidance to Improve Multimodal Safety at IntersectionsPeter Koonce2022-12-05Yes2 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Advanced Work Zone Management and Design 4-Part SeriesJuan Morales2022-12-02Yes12 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Pedestrian Road Safety Audits 2-Part SeriesJuan Morales2022-11-18Yes6 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Tips for TrainersMultiple (see page for details)2022-11-09Yes1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Pavement Management Perspectives from FHWA & FDOTMultiple (see page for details)2022-11-02Yes2 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
FDOT - Build America, Buy America (BABA) Implementation Guidance for Projects with with Federal FundingFDOT2022-10-25Yes1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
School Travel Plan Development 3-Part SeriesMultiple (see page for details)2022-10-19Yes6 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Basics of Strategic Communication PlanningKevin Elliott2022-09-07Yes1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
National Center for Pavement Preservation Update and the Asphalt Roads of TomorrowMultiple (see page for details)2022-09-07Yes1 hourRecorded Webinar Page
FDOT - ADA in Design, Construction, and MaintenanceBrad Bradley2022-02-24Yes4 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Conducting a School Walk Audit 3-Part SeriesMultiple (see page for details)2022-08-15Yes6 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Capital Planning and BudgetingMultiple (see page for details)2022-08-10Yes1 hourRecorded Webinar Page
Lane RepurposingGina Bonyani2022-07-27Yes4 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Signal Coordination Timing Development and Evaluation 2-Part SeriesDr. Zong Tian2022-07-18Yes4 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
School Siting 2-Part SeriesMultiple (see page for details)2022-07-07Yes4 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Roadside Safety 2-Part SeriesJuan Morales2022-06-16Yes4 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Transportation Asset Management 2-Part SeriesTodd Morrison, P.E.2022-06-14Yes4 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Employee Recruitment and RetentionMultiple (see page for details)2022-06-08Yes1 hourRecorded Webinar Page
Combating Roadway Departures 2-Part SeriesMultiple (see page for details)2022-06-07Yes7 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Safe Practices for Placing and Removing Temporary Traffic Control DevicesJuan Morales2022-06-03Yes2 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
2022 FHWA Emergency Relief Program (ER) Training for Local AgenciesFDOT2022-06-02Yes2 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Polk County Pavement Preservation Case StudyMultiple (see page for details)2022-05-25Yes1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
NCHRP Report 948: 20 Design Flags to Evaluate Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety at Alternative and Other IntersectionsMultiple (Schroeder/Alston)2022-05-24Yes1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Safe Routes to School for Rural Communities 2-Part SeriesMultiple (Steiner/Jackman)2022-05-18Yes3 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Road Safety Audits 3-Part SeriesLarry Hagen, P.E., PTOE, RSP2020-03-23Yes6 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Performance-Based Intersection Design and Operations 2-Part SeriesMultiple (Petrucci/Taylor)2022-05-04Yes5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Low-Cost Safety Improvements 2-Part SeriesJohn McFadden2022-04-26Yes6 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
LAP Virtual Workshop 2022 (No. BT-05-0151) 4-Part SeriesFDOT2022-04-20Yes7.25 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Path to APWA AccreditationMultiple (see page for details)2022-04-13Yes1 hourRecorded Webinar Page
How to Create a Walking/Rolling School BusJason Jackman2022-04-11Yes1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Complete Streets Introduction & Federal/State PerspectiveMultiple (see page for details)2022-03-29Yes2 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Communication RoadblocksKevin Elliott2022-03-04Yes1 hourRecorded Webinar Page
Data Analysis and Safe Routes to SchoolMultiple (see page for details)2022-02-23Yes1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Fleet Management, Planning, and Best PracticesMultiple (see page for details)2022-02-09Yes1 hourRecorded Webinar Page
Safe Routes to School 101Jason Jackman2022-01-19Yes1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Smart Asset Management Technologies and ToolsMultiple (see page for details)2021-12-08Yes1 hourRecorded Webinar Page
Road Safety 365 2-Part SeriesTodd Morrison, P.E.2021-12-02Yes4 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Urban Heat Island and Pavement Preservation ExplainedMultiple (Evers/Koetter)2021-10-27Yes1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
LAP Professional Services Checklist TrainingFDOT2021-10-20Yes8 hours Recorded Webinar Page
Healthy Living and Public ServicesIlyas Yamani2021-10-13Yes1 hourRecorded Webinar Page
The Safe System Approach: What Is It and Why Is It Getting So Much Attention?Mark Doctor2021-09-30Yes1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Innovation and Concrete PreservationMultiple (see page for details)2021-09-29Yes1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
How to Plan a Walk and Bike to School DayJason Jackman2021-09-23Yes1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
2018 Florida Greenbook UpdatesMary Anne Koos, C.P.M.2021-08-17Yes2 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Traffic Engineering Fundamentals 3-Part SeriesLarry Hagen, P.E., PTOE, RSP2021-08-19Yes2 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Public Speaking Skills for Engineers 101Kevin Elliott2021-08-17Yes1 hourRecorded Webinar Page
Pavement Management and Analysis – Key Performance IndicatorsMultiple (see page for details)2021-07-28Yes1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Intersection Safety 3-Part SeriesLarry Hagen, P.E., PTOE, RSP2021-07-27Yes2 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
A Transportation Professionals Guide to Utilizing Video Technology 2-Part SeriesKevin Elliott2021-06-16Yes1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Municipal Administration, Strategic Management, and Performance MeasuresMultiple (see page for details)2021-06-16Yes1 hourRecorded Webinar Page
FDOT Grant Application Process "GAP" System TrainingFDOT2021-06-09No2 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Speed Calming and Speed Management 2-Part SeriesLarry Hagen, P.E., PTOE, RSP2021-05-27Yes2 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
FHWA Every Day Counts Six (EDC-6) Targeted Overlay Pavement Solutions (TOPS)Multiple (see page for details)2021-05-26Yes1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Effective Communication with Elected Officials and StakeholdersMultiple (see page for details)2021-05-12Yes1 hourRecorded Webinar Page
Designing for Complete Streets 3-Part SeriesLucas Cruse, AICP2021-05-06Yes2 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
LAP Construction Checklist and Specifications Training (No.BT-05-0197)Multiple (see page for details)2021-04-21Yes4 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Access Management: The Basics and More 3-Part SeriesMultiple (Williams/Sokolow)2021-04-08Yes1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Effective Motivation of Transportation Employees 3-Part SeriesTodd Morrison, P.E.2021-04-07Yes2 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
An Introduction to Bridge PreservationMultiple (see page for details)2021-03-31Yes1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
How to Contribute, Collaborate, and Benefit from the Florida ACES Database and Activity ViewerMultiple (see page for details)2021-03-29Yes1 hourRecorded Webinar Page
Traffic Signal Timing 201 3-SeriesMultiple (Yauch/Albeck)2021-03-10Yes2 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
FDOT Districts 1 & 7 Local Agency Safety SummitMultiple (see page for details)2021-03-04Yes2.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Vision Zero – Developing a Motorcycle Safety Strategic PlanDr. Chanyoung Lee2021-03-03Yes1 hourRecorded Webinar Page
How to Ensure Successful Pavement Preservation ProjectsVarious (see page for details)2021-02-24Yes1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Traffic Signal Timing 101 3-SeriesMultiple (Yauch/Albeck)2021-02-03Yes6 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Introduction to The Florida Automated, Connected, Electric, and Shared (ACES) Transportation Roadmap InitiativeMultiple2021-01-29Yes1 hourRecorded Webinar Page
In-Place Recycling, Hot and ColdMultiple (see page for details)2020-12-08Yes3 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Roadway Departure Safety 3-Part SeriesLarry Hagen, P.E., PTOE, RSP2020-12-03Yes6 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Roundabout Design Fundamentals and ICE 3-Part SeriesKevin Kuhlow, P.E.2020-12-02Yes6 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
ADA Accessible Design Virtual LiteMultiple (see page for details)2020-11-17Yes3.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
2020 Virtual Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Best Practices Symposium 4-Part SeriesMultiple (see page for details)2020-11-03Yes6.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Transportation Planning, Programming, and Funding: The Basics of Transportation Dollars and SenseJeff Kramer, AICP2020-09-30Yes1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Introduction to Designing for Complete StreetsLucas Cruse, AICP2020-09-30Yes1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Florida School Crossing Guard Training ProgramDana Crosby2020-09-23Yes1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
LAP Title VI Sub-Recipient Compliance Assessment Tool (SCAT) Training Course (No. BT-05-0153)Multiple (Shepherd/Paramore)2020-09-03Yes2 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Road Safety Fundamentals 5-Part SeriesLarry Hagen, P.E., PTOE, RSP2020-08-19Yes7.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Permit-Required Confined Space Entry 3-Part SeriesRobert Burch, CHST2020-08-18Yes6 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
The Basics of Traffic Signal TimingMultiple (Yauch/Albeck)2020-08-05Yes2 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Pavement Management Plan Development and Implementation 5-Part SeriesMultiple (Evers/Galehouse)2020-08-04Yes7.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
The Use and Misuse of Crash Modification FactorsLarry Hagen, P.E., PTOE, RSP2020-07-22Yes1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking InstantlyKevin Elliott2020-07-21Yes1 hourRecorded Webinar Page
Developing Diverse Partnerships & Implementing Solid Action Plans to Improve Ped/Bike SafetyTrenda McPherson2020-05-18Yes1 hourRecorded Webinar Page
The Florida Greenbook 6-Part SeriesMultiple (Hagen/Koos/Moyle)2020-05-06Yes9 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Pavement Preservation - A Federal, State, and Local PerspectiveMultiple (see page for details)2020-03-26Yes1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Understanding Pavement ManagementMultiple (Evers/Gerber)2020-02-20Yes1 hourRecorded Webinar Page
Pavement Preservation ConceptMultiple (Evers/Galehouse)2019-12-17Yes1 hourRecorded Webinar Page
Driving FoRRRwD - A Systemic Approach to Reducing Roadway DeparturesDick Albin2019-10-25Yes1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Marketing for Government AgenciesKevin Elliott2019-10-09Yes1 hourRecorded Webinar Page
How Are Technologies Changing Our Ways of Doing Signal Timing and CoordinationZong Tian2019-08-07No1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
Safety Education Campaign Development for Florida’s Local AgenciesJason Jackman2019-07-25No1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page
APWA Accreditation Basic TrainingChas Jordan2019-06-27No1 hourRecorded Webinar Page
Time Management for Public OfficialsChas Jordan2019-06-18No1 hourRecorded Webinar Page
FDOT District 7 and Local Agency Safety Improvement CollaborationMultiple (Wong/Nance)2019-05-13No1 hourRecorded Webinar Page
STEP: Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian €“ How Florida is Implementing STEPMultiple (see page for details)2019-04-22No1.5 hoursRecorded Webinar Page