Funding Information

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

The website will be a critical tool for sharing information, serving as a one-stop shop online for transportation agencies and others interested in learning more about new and existing FHWA programs as well as how to apply for grants and other discretionary funding opportunities available under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Active Transportation Funding and Finance Toolkit

This toolkit is for anyone interested in expanding bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. It includes funding and financing strategies, public private partnerships, emerging and supporting strategies to deliver an active transportation project, case studies, peer exchange, and considerations for implementation. It also covers projects from a variety of other entities, including community improvement districts, universities, nonprofit organizations, and even a hospital. Public officials and community leaders can also use this toolkit to build support for active transportation and to point to success stories from other communities.

Value Capture Strategies Toolkit for Practitioners

The Value Capture Strategies toolkit provides resources and information to support the implementation of Value Capture Techniques to supplement traditional infrastructure funding sources. The Value Capture Strategies Toolkit is comprised of the following four components: Publication Resource Library, Value Capture Analytical Tools and, Innovative Finance Mechanisms to raise upfront capital, Project Delivery Tools, and Case Studies. Together, these resources constitute a toolkit that state and local transportation agencies can use to advance Value Capture Strategies across the country.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Funding Opportunities: USDOT Transit, Safety, and Highway Funds

This link has a table which indicates potential eligibility for pedestrian and bicycle activities and projects under the U.S. Department of Transportation surface transportation funding programs. Activities and projects need to meet program eligibility requirements. At the bottom of the table are notes and basic program requirements, with links to program information. Project sponsors should integrate the safety, accessibility, equity, and convenience of walking and bicycling into surface transportation projects.

STIC Incentive Program

Through the program, funding of up to $100,000 per State, and  per Federal fiscal year is made available to support or offset the costs of standardizing innovative practices in a State transportation agency (STA) or other public sector STIC stakeholder. The program is administered by FHWA’s Center for Accelerating Innovation (CAI).

RAISE Grants

The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 appropriated $1 billion to be awarded by the USDOT for Nat’l Infrastructure Investment grants. This program, formerly known as TIGER or BUILD, is now called the “Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity,” or “RAISE Transportation Discretionary Grants program.”

Applicant Toolkit for Competitive Funding Programs at USDOT

The United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) has developed this Applicant Toolkit to provide guidance as part of the Rural Opportunities to Use Transportation for Economic Success (R.O.U.T.E.S.) Initiative to support potential applicants in identifying and navigating USDOT discretionary grant funding opportunities for rural transportation projects. In support of the initiative’s goals, this toolkit provides user-friendly information and resources to support rural applicants’ understanding of USDOT discretionary grant programs and the funding process. The Applicant Toolkit is designed for all levels of grant applicant experience, aiming to enhance access to USDOT resources for rural transportation projects.

FDOT State Infrastructure Bank (SIB) Loans

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) SIB is a revolving loan and credit enhancement program consisting of two separate accounts and is used to leverage funds to improve project feasibility. The SIB can provide loans and other assistance to public or private entities carrying out or proposing to carry out projects eligible for assistance under federal and state law. The SIB cannot provide assistance in the form of a grant.

An application is required to be submitted by prospective loan applicants to ensure projects meet eligibility, financial, and production criteria. Applications are accepted May through June each year, with awards being announced in December.