2021 EDC Virtual Safety Summit Series: Road Diets

Sharing Success and Expanding Implementation to Save Lives Safety innovations have been a cornerstone of the Every Day Counts (EDC) program since 2011, resulting in their rapid deployment and institutionalization, […]

Project Bundling: Planning and Capital Programming

Evaluation of projects for bundling is best done strategically and early in the transportation planning process to gain economies of scale throughout project development. Ideally, from a planning perspective, identifying […]

Project Bundling: Preconstruction

Delivering a bundled project depends on several factors—which project delivery method is chosen, what effort is necessary to secure environmental determination and permits, which risks the agency has responsibility for, […]

Project Bundling: Local Agency Partnering

Project bundling can happen across agencies. States may create bundled projects with local agencies and local agencies may bundle projects with other local agencies. For example, the San Francisco Bay […]

Project Bundling: Construction and Contract Considerations

Project bundling can create some unique contract-related issues. In this webinar, we will demonstrate how you can address construction contract issues such as common specifications, common design standards, payment provisions, […]