The Florida LTAP Center in partnership with the Florida Pavement Preservation Council presents the “Pavement Preservation Wednesday” Webinar Series.

Florida Pavement Preservation CouncilThe first in a new AMA Series, we will be joined by two titans from the In-Place Recycling industry with nearly 100 years of experience between them! John and Michael were instrumental in leading the Asphalt Recycling and Reclaiming Association in the 1990’s and 2000’s as well as contributing to the Foundation of Pavement Preservation (FP2) Board of Directors and assisting in the Founding of FPPC. We will hear how the In-Place Recycling industry has advanced over the past 5 decades and allow attendees to ask questions directly about challenging situations or roadways. So, bring your ugliest roads and hear how these experts would handle tackling them. Feel free to e-mail pictures with brief descriptions for in-depth answers.


Learning Objectives

  1. Learn about the history of in-place recycling techniques such as Cold In-Place Recycling, Hot In-Place Recycling, and Full Depth Reclamation.
  2. Hear how the industry has progressed over the past decades and what advancements are now making a difference in the push for greater sustainable and resilient solutions for rehabilitating roads.
  3. Listen as we delve into how the future use of these technologies will progress.
  4. Take part in the AMA by asking the experts your burning questions on in-place recycling.

This webinar is provided at no cost and will award a certificate of training listing the Professional Development Hours (PDHs) or a certificate of completion verifying your attendance. Certificates will be awarded only for fully attending and completing this webinar. A total of 1.5 PDHs can be earned.

Please note – space for this webinar is limited, and Florida local agencies are being given first priority!

Panelist Bios:

Chris EversChris Evers is the Executive Coordinator from the Florida Pavement Preservation Council in addition to his role with Pavement Technology Inc., a company he joined in 2012. Chris was instrumental in the founding of the Florida Pavement Preservation Council in 2010. Chris has over 26 years of experience in the heavy highway construction industry. Chris has been involved in all facets of heavy highway educational efforts. He is the Past President of the American Public Works Association Florida Chapter. His involvement in the Florida Chapter has spanned a multitude of Committee Chairs, Task Forces and Officer Positions. In 2012 he founded the Public Works Director Roundtable and he also moderates the International PWD Roundtable at PWX. He has been an active speaker for APWA, FACERS, ASCE, ASHE, ARRA, Florida T2 Center, and the Florida Airports Council. A faithful disciple of Pavement Preservation, he will be our moderator today.

John Rathbun is a graduate of the University of Kansas with a BS in Journalism and has 45 years of experience in the Hot In-Place Recycling industry all working for Cutler Repaving. He is currently serving on the Advisory Board of the National Center for Pavement Preservation and was a Founding Member of the Florida Pavement Preservation Council. John was a long-time member of the Foundation for Pavement Preservation (FP2) and was an active legislative advocate for Pavement Preservation in Washington DC. John most recently served as Vice President of FP2. John is the Past President of the Asphalt Recycling and Reclaiming Association (ARRA) 1994 and served on many committees focused on the Hot In-Place Recycling discipline. John has been active in many Public Works focused organizations such as APWA. “The only thing I’ve done longer than recycle asphalt at Cutler is to stay married to the same woman, Kathy for 47 years!” Bravo John!

Michael Polak hails from England where he graduated from Wolverhampton College of Technology. He immigrated to the US in 1972 and starting in 1975 he joined a heavy highway company based out of Pennsylvania, E.J. Breneman, L.P.. Starting on the railroad crew he quickly advanced due to his outgoing nature, funny accent, and desire to spread the word on the merits of in-place recycling. Michael was with E.J. Breneman for 41 years and served over a decade as partner. He also served as a two term ARRA President, also serving on the FP2 Board with John. He’s been an active member of APWA for decades. He served as a member of Task Force #38 AASHTO-AGC-ARTBA-FHWA Specifications for CIR. Michael was also a Founding Member of the FPPC. He contributed frequently as an author and teacher across organizations and associations such as Florida and Pennsylvania LTAPs and the Air Force Engineering School at Wright Patterson Air Base in Ohio. He currently works for Recon Construction Service Inc. Michael and his wife Joanne live in the Appalachian Mountains near his son and daughter, 5 grandchildren and a smattering of rescued Labs. He enjoys gardening and coaching youth soccer.

AMA Panel on In-Place Recycling

DATE: January 25, 2023
TIME: 2:00 to 3:30 PM (ET)